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PAT Testers

Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT
The highly popular Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT can perform all the tests required by Australian standards, including fixed and portable RCD's. It's also got an extremely simple and easy-to-use functionality and very fast testing times.
  • Comprehensive & cost effective
  • Tests fixed & portable RCD's
  • Very fast testing times
Seaward PAC3760 DL
The PAC3760 DL is one of Seawards new entry-level appliance testers. This tester is real simple to use, with tests being performed from a push of a button. Your results can then be stored on your tester and downloaded onto your computer.
  • Basic data capture
  • Stores 1000 test results
  • One button testing
Wavecom Gen 4 TNT -el
The entry-level TNT -el is one of Wavecom's newly updated Generation 4 portable appliance testers. Running tests with the TNT -el is very simple process and it has the added capability of conducting Leakage tests.
  • Basic and user-friendly tester
  • Leakage current testing
Seaward Primetest Elite
The Seaward Apollo 600 is the most advanced Appliance Tester on the Australian market. It includes everything from a built-in camera, Bluetooth, colour screen, battery operation and QWERTY keyboard.
  • 50,000 test memory
  • HD colour screen
  • Camera with flash
Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 Tradie Kit
This package deal is perfect for tradies that want to Test and Tag and includes a hard bodied transit case to store all of your testing accessories.
  • Ideal for tradies
  • Easily transport your equipment
  • Cost-effective option
Metrel DeltaPAT Starter Kit
The all new Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT is very powerful appliance tester that's able to conduct any test you require, including both portable and fixed RCD's, while at the same time it contains an extremely simple and easy-to-use functionality.
  • Package includes all required equipment
  • Comprehensive & cost effective
  • Tests fixed & portable RCD's
ProTag Elite Kit
The ProTag Elite Kit is one of the best complete packages available on the market. The number of features and benefits this kit will provide you when testing and tagging is endless and will no doubt increase your productivity.
  • Top of range tester & accessories
  • All accessories are wirelessly connected
Seaward Primetest 125 EL
The Primetest 125 EL is a low-cost appliance tester that will test Class I, Class II and Extension Leads, which makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple and entry level tester.
  • Push button operation
  • 250V / 500V Insulation testing
Metrel aPAT Delta Pro Print Pack
The highly unique Delta Pro Print Pack by Metrel will enable you to streamline the test and tag process, as it includes a Bluetooth printer for printing test tags and an advanced aPAT system that will make data entry an easy process.
  • Print tags on the spot
  • Streamlined test and tag process
  • Heavy duty case
  • Data management
Seaward PAC3760 DL Starter Pack
The PAC3760 DL is an extremely fast and efficient appliance tester, as it allows you to perform tests with the push of a button. Your results can then be stored on your tester and downloaded onto your computer.
  • Basic data capture
  • Store 1000 test results
  • Entry-level starter kit
Wavecom Gen4 TNT -el Starter Pack
This starter pack will ensure you're completely ready to start testing and tagging, while using a basic and user friendly tester.
  • Basic and user-friendly tester
  • Unique Meter Mode function
  • Leakage current testing