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PAT Accessories

3 Phase Adaptor
This 3 Phase Adaptor will allow the Portable Appliance Tester to conduct an Earth Bond and Insulation Resistance test on a 3 Phase device.
  • 4 and 5 pin
  • 10 - 40A testing
Test & Tag Logbook
A Test and Tag Logbook is used for manually recording your test results, which is a vital step in the Test and Tag process.
IEC to Clover Adaptor
The IEC to Clover Adaptor is specially used for testing and tagging.
IEC to Figure 8 Adaptor
This IEC to Figure 8 Adaaptor is used specially for testing and tagging
EASY-Off Tag Remover
This little gadget will make removing your Test and Tag labels a simple, safe and easy process.
Isolation Transformer
This Isolation Transformer is one of the highest quality units available on the market.
Socket Bluetooth Scanner
This Socket Bluetooth Scanner as been specifically programmed to work with the Metrel SigmaPAT 3301A Appliance Tester and is ideal for rapid scanning.
Metrel Bluetooth Dongle (Single)
This Bluetooth dongle has been specifically designed to be used with the Zebra Printer and Metrel DeltaPAT.