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Test Tags

Light Duty Tags
Lighty Duty Tags are a cost-effective option for high volume testing and are perfect for indoor environments. 100% owned and manufactured in Australia.
  • Ideal for indoor environments
  • Economical solution
Heavy Duty Test Tags
Heavy Duty tags contain superior tear resistance and all-round extra protection, making it well suited for either indoor or outdoor environments.
  • Laminated with Security Flap
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor
  • Superior Tear Resistance
Industrial Strength Tags
Industrial strength test tags are strongest self adhesive tags on the market and were specially formulated for tough or high-risk environments.
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Perfect for construction sites
  • Made from 350 Micron PVC
Failed Test Tags
Failed Test Tags are used when an appliance needs to be withdrawn from service.
  • Tick box to identify failed test
  • Danger symbol on each tag
RCD Test Tags
These RCD test tags are specifically used for RCD testing.
  • Record trip time
  • Moisture resistant
Surface Mount PASS Tags
These Surface Mounted Test Tags are smaller than the standard test tags, making it ideal for smaller items.
  • Fits perfectly for smaller items
  • Unique design
New to Service Tags
New to Service Tags are designed for appliances that have been recently introduced into service and will need to be tested and tagged down the track.
  • Laminated Security Flap
  • Superior Tear Resistance
  • UV stable
High Visibility Failed Tag
High Visability Failed Tags are a very bright tag that indicates that an appliance has failed a test.
  • Very bright and identifiable
Clear Protective Overlay
Designed to protect test tags from moisture, abrasion or any kind of exposure.
  • Tear resistant
  • Added protection
  • Compatible with all printable tags
Elite Thermal Transfer Tags
Designed to be used with the Protag Elite Tag Printer
  • Roll of 250
  • Tear Resistant
Heavy Duty Printable Tags
Heavy duty printable tags are ideal for industrial and workshop environments.
  • Tear resistant
  • Dual layer for extra strength
Optima Direct Thermal Tags
Designed to be used for Seawards Optima Direct Thermal Printer.
  • Roll of 250
  • Tear resistant
Metrel Printable Tags
These particular printable tags are used in association with a Metrel Appliance Tester and compatible with a Zebra Printer.
  • Roll of 500
  • Tear resistant synthetic stock
Wavecom Printable Tags
These are used in association with a Wavecom Thermal Transfer Printer.
  • Roll of 500
  • Tear resistant synthetic shock
Seaward Printable Tags
These are used in association with a Seaward Thermal Transfer Printer.
  • Roll of 500
  • Tear resistant synthetic shock
Microwave Leakage Test Tag
Microwave Leakage Tags are used to record test results on microwave leakage, as well as standard appliance testing specifications.
  • Temperature resistant
  • Permanent adhesive
Small Thermal Ribbon
Small and black resin ribbon for added durability.
  • Designed for the Zebra TPL 2824 printer
Narrow Thermal Ribbon
These full black resin ribbons provide durable printing.
  • Suitable for Zebra 2844 printer
Thermal Ribbons
These full resin ribbons provide durable print on to synthetic printable tags.
  • Suitable for Seaward & Metrel printers
Wrap Around Barcode Labels
Wrap around Barcode Labels are an inconspciuous way to identify leads and appliances. Barcode numbers can be chosen with your purchase (0001-1000 or to numbers requested).
  • Durable PVC
  • Coated with permanent adhesive
ProTag Elite Ribbon
Compatible with the ProTag Elite Printer.
  • Black resin ribbon for added durability
  • 500 tags per roll