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The TNT + is one step up from the TNT -el, but contains the added benefit of having WinPAT's software and a USB port for PC connectivity.
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The Wavecom Generation 4 TNT + is considered a slightly higher model than TNT -el. However, it still contains the same simple functionality and ease of use. 

With the TNT + model, you'll have the ability to test RCD's, but will require you to purchase an Isolation Transformer. Likewise, you are able to connect your portable appliance tester to your PC or laptop, much makes it easier to log data and to manage re-test dates.

Like all the other Gen 4 TNT models, it comes standard with the Meter Mode function which allows you to display volts, amps, true power and reactive power of an individual appliance. It'll also test sensitive electronic equipment which can't be tested using a standard insulation tester.


  • Connects to your PC or laptop
  • Capable of testing RCD's (Isolation Transformer required)
  • Pass and Fail indicator
  • Quick one button testing
  • Comes with WinPAT's software 
  • Unique Meter Mode function
  • Tester displays actual test readings in large fonts
  • Processor firmware factory updateable
  • Impact resistant and flame retardant casing
  • Built-in carry handle


Carry case, 240V Extension lead adaptor, Earth bond lead, Manual, WinPAT's Base software & Calibration Certificate.

Tests Performed

  • Extension Leads
  • Leakage Current
  • 250V Insulation
  • 500V Insulation
  • RCD Testing
  • 1.3kg
  • Case: Impact Resistant, Flame Retardant
    Size: 170W X 225L X 110H
  • Settable Trip, 2 - 500 MA ± <2.5% Of Valve
    Trip Time, 0 - 300 MS ± <1 MS
  • Voltage: 200 To 265VAC
    Load Current: 0.0 To 10Amp
  • Voltage: 200 To 265VAC
    Load Current: 0.0 To 10Amp
    Apparent Power: 0 To 2400VA
    Power: 0 To 2400W
  • 2 Years
  • 230 VAC - 260 VAC. 3W. 50hZ
  • 240 VAC @ 2 MA
  • 500v *250v Selectable
    Pass Limit > 1MΩ
  • Current: 200 MA DC
    Pass Limit < 1.0Ω
  • Class 1 Pass ≤ 5 MA RMS
    Class 2 Pass ≤ 1 MA RMS
  • CAT III 300V
    Internal Fuse Protected 1A
    DUT Test Protected at 10A
  • Load Current Max, 10A


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