Vibration Tester Hire

Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter
$66 per day / $329 per week
Accurate and reliable
4 word rating system
Easy portability
Onboard memory
The user-friendly and easy to operate 805 Vibration Analyser will ensure your vibration screening is completed effortlessly. It's not your typical Vibration tester, as it has the portability of a pen, but the operation of an analyser. With its two frequency ranges (low and high), you'll be able to get extremely accurate measurements. It also has a convenient read out screen for bearing conditions, which includes a 4 word rating system - 'Good', 'Satisfactory', 'Unsatisfactory' and 'Unacceptable'. By usuing this simple bearing analysis, you can make immediate service and maintenance decisions with minimal downtime.
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