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Thermal Imaging Accessories

Emissivity Tape
A strong adhesive tape that is temperature resistant to +250 ¡C
IR Lens Protection Filter
This special Germanium protective glass will protect the testo 875 series from dust and scratching.
Testo SuperResolution
The SuperResolution technology for Testo thermal imagers will allow you to increase the thermal resolution by x 4. This means you'll see better detail and quality in your image and in turn more accurate temperature measurements.
  • Better image quality
  • Thermal resolution increased x4
  • Greater accuracy in readings
Additional Testo Battery
So that you can extend operating time, you can use an additional lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Desktop Charging Station
The desktop charging station will charge two rechargeable batteries of the 875 series.
Robust Black Case
This light and compact case is designed to be used with the testo 870-1
Professional Case - Testo 870
This professional case is designed to be used with the testo 870.
Pocket Holster - Testo 870
This convenient pocket holder is designed to be used with the testo 870.
Thermal Imaging Labels
These Thermal Imaging Labels are ideal for anyone who is performing thermography surveys, such as on a switchboard.