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Megger DLR010X Ohmmeter
The Megger DLR series is capable of performing DC resistance tests across a broad range of applications, from copper busbars, switch and contact breaker resistance and transformer winding resistance.
  • 5 unique measuring modes
  • Logging/exporting function
  • Download results in real time
Metrel MI 3250 Micro Ohmmeter 10A
Portable and ideal for industrial applications, the low resistance MI 3250 ohmmeter has a test current of up to 10 A, and is ideally suited for small to medium sized jobs.
  • 10 A test current
  • Lightweight & portable
  • High overvotlage protection
Metrel MI 3252 Micro Ohmmeter 100A
The Metrel MI 3252 is a high performance micro ohmmeter that's utilised heavily through the high voltage game. It has a reputation for being easy to use and highly portable.
  • 100 A test current
  • Accuracy of 0.25%
  • Stores 1000 results
SEW 4137 mO Milliohm Meter
SEW 4178 mO is a battery powered Millliom Meter that measures low values of resistance and is suitable for measuring resistances of switches, contacts, motors and displays. It comes supplied in a compact and durable watertight casing for extra protection.