Insulation Resistance Tester Hire

Megger MIT515 Insulation Resistance Tester 5kv
$143 per day / $710 per week
Wide range of applications
Easy to transport
Large LCD display
6 hour continual testing
Megger's MIT515 Insulation Resistance Tester is capable of performing tests for insulation resistance, polarisation, index and dielectric absorption ratio. The unit is lighter than its predecessor, making it easier to transport with you, while also coming in an enclosed robust case for extra protection. The LCD screen will be readable in both sunlight and dark areas, as it contains an easy-to-read LCD display with backlight. This unit can perform all the standard assessments on the above mediums, including the “spot test”, a 1 minute IR test and a 10 minute Polarisation Index (PI) test, where PI is the ratio R10min / R1min.
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