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The Fluke 435 II is an advanced 3 phase power quality and energy analyser that contains a range of different uses, from small domestic recordings to high end industrial applications. This easy to use unit is particularly ideal for industrial electricians and utilities technicians.
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The easy-to-use Fluke 435 II has a range of basic and advanced applications, which range from simple power logging functions to event capturing.

This unit is certified for CAT IV 600V AND CAT III 1000V and has user-configurable logging functions, which is aided by a step by step inbuilt instruction guide. It's perfect for MIN, MAX AND AVE readings at programmable intervals (down to 0.25 seconds).

The unit comes with optional accessories upon request.


  • 4 Flexible current transformers (rated to 6000amp)
  • Real time trend analysis
  • PowerWave Data Capture
  • Logging Function
  • 7 hour battery run time
  • Energy Loss Calculator

Measuring Functions

Volt Amp Hz, Dips and swells, Harmonics, Power and energy, Energy loss calculator, Unbalance, Monitor, Inrush, Event waveform capture, Flicker, Transients, Mains signaling, Power wave, Power inverter efficiency.


BC430 Power adaptor, International plug adaptor set, Single capacity Li-ion battery, TLS430 Test lead & alligator clips, Colour coding clips, 4 Flexible current probes, 8 GB SD Card, Powerlog on CD and USB cable A -mini B.


  • Vrms: 1 V to 1000 V phase to neutral
    Vpk: 1 Vpk to 1400 Vpk
    Voltage Crest Factor: 1.0 > 2.8
  • Amps (ac+dc) 5 A to 6000 A
    A Crest Factor: 1 to 10
    Amps 1/2: 5 A to 6000 A
    Afund: 5 A to 6000 A
  • @50Hz: 42.500 Hz to 57.500 Hz
    @60Hz: 1000 Hz to 69.000 Hz
  • Watts (VA, var): max 6000 MW
  • kWh: Depends on clamp scaling and V nominal
    Energy Loss: Depends on clamp scaling and V nominal
  • Harmonic order: DC, 1 to 50 grouping
    Inter-harmonic order: QFF, 1 to 50 grouping
    Volts: %f - 0.0 % to 100 %
    Volts: %r - 0.0 % to 100 %
    Volts: Absolute - 0.0 to 1000 V
    Volts: THD - 0.0 % to 100 %
    Amps: %f - 0.0 % to 100 %
    Amps: %r - 0.0 %
  • Volts: 0.0 % to 20.0 %
    Amps: 0.0 % to 20.0 %
  • Threshold: 2 signaling frequencies
    Signaling Frequency: 60 Hz to 3000 Hz
    Relative V%: 0 % to 100 %
    Absikyte V3's: 0.0 V to 1000 V


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