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Clamp Meters

Fluke 376 Clamp Meter
The highly effective and lightweight Fluke 376 AC/DC Clamp Meter is suitable for all electrical industries and has been designed for maximum operator safety. With the iFlex probe, it's capable of 2500A reading.
  • Unique logging function
  • Record data from distance
  • 2500A reading
Wavecom ET-3888 True RMS Clamp Meter
The ET-3888 is an extremely versatile clamp meter that provides true RMS value, along with a string of other helpful features.
  • Auto ranging for voltage
  • True RMS measurement
  • Safety design
Metrel MD 9230 Clamp Meter
The Metrel MD 9230 is an accurate and reliable Clamp Meter, capable of reading up to 1000A TRMS and AC/DC voltage up to 600V.
  • Reads up to 1000A
  • Conducts all standard tests
  • Selectable measurement ranges
Metrel MD 9240 Clamp Meter
The higher versatile Metrel MD 9240 is a clamp meter with single phase power and temperature function.
  • Reads up to 1000A
  • Power function
  • Temperature function
Metrel MD 9220 Clamp Meter
The Metrel MD 9272 is a useful day-to-day clamp meter that's used for a variety of AC/DC applications, from the industrial sector and any maintenance and repair in the field.
  • Wide scope of testing functions
  • Reads up to 2000 A
  • Digital display