Clamp Meter Hire

Choose to hire or rent AC/DC Clamp Meters from EXELTest, with door-to-door freight in both directions and an easier booking process.

We only hire out clamp meters that are of the highest quality, and the Fluke 376 is no exception. It's suitable for all industries and offers a vast array of unmatched features.

Fluke 376 Clamp Meter
$25 per day / $127 per week
Unique logging function
Record data from distance
Lightweight design
Connects to Smartphone
The handy and lightweight Fluke 376 Clamp Meter is suitable for all electrical industries, and has been designed for operator safety. With a flex clamp option, it allows you to record data from a safe distance away from live electrical equipment. However, its unique logging and report function is where this unit really helps the user - data can be exported from the 376 Clamp Meter to your smartphone or cloud with ease.
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