Anemometer Hire

Rent or hire anemometers from EXELTest, with an easier booking process and door-to-door freight service offered. 

The testo Vane Anemometer is a highly useful instrument that will collect all of the different type of measurements you'll require. 

testo 417 Vane Anemometer
$16 per day / $81 per week
4 in 1 measurement
In-built large vane
Auto hold function
Very accurate readings
The Testo 417 Vane Anemometer is a simple yet effective unit that collects a variety of measurements, such as air flow, velocity, volume flow and temperature. It comes with an included 100mm Vane, which allows for much more accurate readings. It has the added capability of immediately switching between air velocity and temperature without any downtime. As a result, it allows the user to extract as much meaningful data as quickly as possible.
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