Portable Appliance Tester Hire

Choose from a range of different portable appliance testers for hire, with each one suiting a variety of different applications and experience level. The DeltaPAT 3309 and Primetest 300 are both standalone testers, offering the full suite of testing capabilities, along with RCD testing and battery power. We also offer three specialised kits that streamline the entire test and tag process - these would include extras such as a printer, scanner and software.

In case you can't see the tester you're after please contact us, as we supply all major brands and can arrange for hire the tester you want.

Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT
$67 per day / $329 per week
In-built Bluetooth
Comprehensive tester
RCD Testing
Battery and mains powered
Considered one of the most powerful testers on the market, the DeltaPAT 3309 BT Portable Appliance Tester is is a great choice for all types of users - from novice, and all the way up to expert test and taggers. It contains an enormous range of helpful features including in-built Bluetooth, internal memory, RCD testing and battery power operation.
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Seaward Primetest 300
$105 per day / $523 per week
Fully programmable
Bluetooth connectivity
Easy data entry
Stores test results
The Seaward Primetest 300 is an advanced portable appliance tester that's capable of performing all tests required. It comes with a huge number of different features will all enable you to test and tag like a pro. This includes being battery powered for easy portability, an alpha keyboard for data entry and on-screen help. Its also been given Blueooth functionality, so you can connect all of your accessory equipment together.
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Wavecom TnP-500 Test and Print Pack
$176 per day / $875 per week
High volume testing
Print labels onsite
Mobile memory unit
Stores 5000 items
The TnP-500 Print Pack is a complete package, tailored to people who test in high volumes. You'll be able to effortlessly print tags on the spot, re-test items using the scanner and log all of your data with premium software. If you're primarily testing onsite or at multiple locations, the compact heavy duty case will make it easy to transport all of your equipment.
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Metrel aPAT Delta Pro Print Pack
$176 per day / $875 per week
Streamlined test and tag process
Print tags on the spot
Heavy duty case
Data management
The highly unique Delta Pro Print Pack by Metrel will enable you to streamline the test and tag process, as it includes a Bluetooth printer for printing test tags an advanced aPAT system that will make data entry an easy process. This powerful kit is perfect for either professionals or for anyone that wants to quicken the speed and ease of their day-to-day test and tag duties.
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Seaward Pro Print Kit
$184 per day / $912 per week
Top of the range tester
Print tags on the spot
Download test results
Bluetooth connectivity
The Pro Print Kit will allow you to effortlessly test and tag, print labels and download results to your PC for report creation. The Primetest 300 appliance tester is considered an 'advanced' unit, consisting of battery power operation, fully programmable testing, Bluetooth capabilities and conveniently stores all of your test results.
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