3 Phase Test and Tag Course

Our 3 Phase Test and Tag Course is designed for anyone that has completed a standard test and tag course but would like a stronger understanding of 3 Phase testing to AS/NZS 3760 standards. If you're looking to make a career out of testing and tagging, 3 Phase testing is a more specialised area that offers more opportunity to charge a higher amount for testing.

Although 3 Phase testing is covered in a standard test and tag course, there is simply not enough time to cover everything you'll be required to know in that particular course. Upon completion, this 3 Phase course will ensure you're completely ready and feeling confident about 3 Phase procedures. 

Course Overview

    Costs $180 +GST - or $295 if booked with Plug Top Replacement Course
    Course Duration 3 hours: face-to-face
    Locations VIC, SA, QLD and NSW

What You'll Learn

  • Basic 3 Phase theory
  • The difference between 3 Phase and single phase testing
  • Testing procedures
  • The variety of 3 Phase testing equipment

Onsite Training

If you have a group of people that require 3 Phase training, we are happy to provide our training at your workplace. Please call 1300 848 302 to enquire.